4 Short Films On Unexpected Turn Of Events In Life

Varvanta: The most terrible atrocities never come out in open and domestic violence is just one of them. This short film shows the story of women who made sacrifices to sustain their marriage only to get abuses and beatings hurled at them.

Eligible Bachelorette: This short film is about a young woman's journey towards finding a perfect life partner. Watch to know how she gets stuck in the maze of marriage alliances and matrimonial dating.

Vaapasi: Living in a foreign country is not easy; you miss the food, culture and the homey feel of your land. This short film is about a young man who returns home after staying abroad for two years and how he deals with the nostalgia that hits him hard.

Kattukadhai: It is a musical short film which shows how the life these five different people meet at a certain point leading to a series of unexpected events.
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