Hyderabad Man Sent Girlfriend Fake Air Ticket, Then Raised A Hijack Alarm

It was the classic case of crying wolf. On Sunday, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad international airports went into a tizzy, on high security alert mode following what the security agencies called a hijack threat. Anti-terror drills were launched, sniffer dogs deployed, extra checking done. Now it appears that a broke young man from Hyderabad, who was trying to impress his girlfriend, was at the bottom of it. Vamsi Krishna, a 28-year-old computer graduate who worked as a travel agent, had gifted an e-ticket to a woman he met over social media. The plan was that they would meet in Mumbai and then they would head for Goa. But having no money to pay for the trip, he sent her a fake ticket, the Hyderabad police said. And then, rather than have her find out the lie, he decided to put the airports out of action.
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