Why Alia Bhatt Takes On 'Issue-Based' Roles

When Alia Bhatt started off, there was no doubt a star had been born. But suddenly a humorous slip, in the form of a faux pas on a talk show made her the "Bhatt" of all the jokes. But in no time though she rose like a phoenix from the ashes reflecting a penchant for conscientious roles. In her films she has essayed characters that strongly talk about issues like sexual harassment, drugs, depression, kidnapping, the freedom of woman to pursue their dreams. It's these kind of issues that drive her, and as she starts a new journey for another issue close to her heart she spoke to NDTV. This time the cause is animals and through this interview Alia Bhatt has launched CoExist. A campaign to create awareness for animals and humans to CoExist in the Eco System. Alia launches the campaign by releasing a previously endangered turtle back into the ocean with the help of Dahanu's Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association and Dr Dinesh Vinherkar.
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