Video: Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Jumps Into New Cloth Pouch, Loves It

Video: Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Jumps Into New Cloth Pouch, Loves It

Terri the orphaned baby kangaroo has won many hearts with this adorable video.

New Delhi: An orphaned baby kangaroo has found a new 'mother' and a new pouch at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. A video uploaded on the sanctuary's Facebook page shows the little joey jumping into a pouch made of cloth and snuggling with Chris 'Brolga' Barnes of the Kangaroo Dundee documentary fame. Brolga first established the baby kangaroo rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005. The baby kangaroo in this video, named Terri, has already collected almost 5 lakh views with her adorable skipping and jumping into the pouch routine.

In the footage captured, she can be seen begging to be let into the pouch and later cuddling with Brolga. Watch her extremely cute video below:

"Oh...isn't she a total cutie!!! I'd be carrying her around in a pouch all day because who could resist that adorable face?" says one commenter on Facebook. We couldn't agree more.

This is not the only video with which Terri has won hearts. In an earlier video, posted on April 14, the little kangaroo can be seen snuggling with a woman named Tamma. "Baby kangaroos love being held close...just like they would in their mums pouch," explains the caption.

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