Parent Wants IIT Coaching Tips For 10-Year-Old, Gets An 'F' In Parenting

Parent Wants IIT Coaching Tips For 10-Year-Old, Gets An 'F' In Parenting

A parent asked Quora users about IIT preparation institutes for their 10-year-old child

New Delhi: Indian parents have a bad reputation for their often unreal expectations from their children. Starting from the obsession with 'Sharma ji ke beta' to the race to get into IITs and IIMs, we've seen all of it happen in India. Many students in India begin their preparation for the IIT competitive exam as early as 9th or 10th standard. But what one parent did takes the cake. 

A parent's question on Quora has everyone perplexed. Why? The question - Which institute is best for my kid in 5th standard for IIT preparation? The question attracted people's ire for the parent's unreasonable expectation from a child studying in 5th standard.

Here are some interesting answers to the question:

"I get really sad when I read questions like this. The whole world supports 3-idiots movie but looks like this guy didn't understand the conclusion at all, if he had watched it. If not, then you should definitely watch it and try to understand the focus and overall conclusion of the movie", wrote Kuldeep Singh.

"What if your kid is good in cricket or other things, try and help him to become what he wants to not what you want him to be", said Dibyesh Kapoor

Some turned to sarcasm to make their point: 

"Hey I have got an even better idea. If your wife becomes pregnant again then make her solve HC Verma and DC pandey. So that you know like Abhimanyu learned about Chakravuh your child could get IIT prep as early as possible!", wrote Abhishek Ms.

"I can suggest something for your grandkid but your kid is too late my dear Sir. IIT preparation starts way early than 5th standard. It starts even before the kid is born", joked Vikas Jakhar.

After the barrage of angry comments by Quora users, the parent tried clarifying their intentions for their child but people were not convinced. "To all those suggesting that I let my child follow his dreams and not pressurize him. He is a kid and doesn't know even what is good or bad. So parents decide what is better. IIT tag is very prestigious and it will bring pride to our family", the parent wrote.

A 2015 survey done by HSBC showed that 51% of Indian parents wanted successful careers for their children. They chose a successful career over happiness and health of their children.
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