A Tourist Was Robbed In Indonesia. Here's How Locals Helped Her Out

A Tourist Was Robbed In Indonesia. Here's How Locals Helped Her Out

Norway citizen Karin Baadsvik was robbed of her bag, money and passport in Indonesia.

New Delhi: At a time when our news feeds seem to be inundated with negative news, this story will come as a ray of sunshine. Norway citizen and world-renowned tuba soloist Oystein Baadsvik shared a post on his Facebook page on March 14 that has since then gone viral. In the post, he details how his daughter was robbed of her bag - money, cards, computer and passport included - in Indonesia, and how locals came together to help her out.

In his Facebook post, Mr Baadsvik talks about how his daughter, Karin Baadsvik, who is also a musician, met people in Indonesia who took her to the police station after she was robbed. Not only did they help her out by taking her to the police, they even arranged for food and a place for her to sleep. The next day, they helped arranged a gig for her at a local cafe to raise money and the cafe owner bought her a ticket to Jakarta - where she could contact the Norwegian embassy.

This praise-worthy act on part of the Indonesian locals has earned them laurels on social media. "This story strengthens my faith that there are still a lot of awesome people in around the world," says one commenter. Another comments, "So sorry and happy for your daughter's experiences in my country. And as we see that love doesn't see the colour of you skin /religion/etnic/culture/race but helping each other when someone needs it."

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