Here's How These Kolkata Residents Are Complaining About Their 'Noisy' Star Hotel Neighbour

Kolkata : The newest luxury hotel in Kolkata is not welcome in its neighbourhood, and the message is driven home by a giant hoarding that says, "Your loud music is disturbing us."
Those six words sum up the anger of hundreds of residents at Silver Springs, the upscale housing complex at EM Bypass, who have complained to the police against their new neighbor, the JW Marriot hotel. 
The residents are spending sleepless nights as the hotel  has been pumping up the decibel levels with their loud music and fireworks.
When the hotel opened towers the end of last year, the residents were excited to live next to an international hotel. But the endless parties at the hotel have become a disturbance and the noise, residents say, is depriving children and senior citizens of peaceful sleep. 

"I cannot concentrate on my studies because the sound is so loud," said Aniket Saraf, a Class 10 student who stays in the complex.
"We are not being able to sleep and the next day we are not able to get up because of this and sometimes we get late for our exams," said Yashaswi Kedia, another student.

Residents joke they don't need to arrange music if they have a party at home as they can feel the music beats in their house from the hotel. Several letters to the hotel's management and the police haven't helped either.

NDTV tried contacting the JW Marriott Kolkata management but they have not commented on the issue so far.

"I have stayed at Marriott properties in many places. I have never seen such a thing. I have not seen anything like this in other five star hotels also," said R Chrestien, secretary of the Silver Spring residents association.

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