Bengal On RSS Radar, Coimbatore Meet Talks Of 'Jihadi Activities' In State

Kolkata: After Uttar Pradesh, the BJP seems to be setting its sights on West Bengal. A clear signal may have come from the meeting of the party's ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Coimbatore, where it has passed a special resolution titled, "Growing jihadi activities in West Bengal is a security concern for the country".

The resolution claims that Bengal's Hindu population is down 8 per cent since 1951, it says. It was 78.45 per cent in the first census in 1951. It is 70.54 in the last one. At least six men were killed by jihadis in the period 2014-17 - three in Nadia's Juranpur last year itself, it claims.

According to Dr Jishnu Basu, secretary, RSS south Bengal, "The resolution clearly says the ruling party is promoting jihadi violence and promoting communal elements to important berths."

Kaliachak in Malda, where policemen were attacked and a police station set on fire last year, finds mention in the resolution.

"Kaliachak is just 8 km from the international border," said Dr Basu.

"If such things can happen there, then how can we say the country is safe?"

After the win in Uttar Pradesh, BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha was categorical. "West Bengal is BJP's target and West Bengal will be BJP's. The whole country is with Modiji, Bengal is no different. The kind of goonda raj and corruption that's here - the people are disgusted."

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was dismissive. "They cannot grab Bengal. They are the third or fourth in the state. So how will they capture it? Forcefully? If they target Bengal, we will target the rest of India," she said on Friday.

But RSS has one lakh members in Bengal today, double the figure of 2011. The BJP has just two legislators, but Uttar Pradesh has suddenly given the party a spring in its step.
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