#Great8 Bollywood Movies That’ll Make You Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road

#Great8 Bollywood Movies That’ll Make You Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road

The impact that a good travel movie is that it lingers and ignites the feeling of wanderlust in us, urging to experience all that thrill and excitement yourself. Here is list of Bollywood travel movies that will stir in you an ache to travel.

1. Dil Chahta Hai
Dil Chahta Hai has acted as an inspirational movie in the 21st century for young adults and college kids to satisfy their wander pangs and simply go for it. The iconic image of the three boys, Amir Khan,Akshay Khanna and Saif Ali Khan having the time of their life in Goa has made the Chapora Fort a favourite for the selfie addicts.

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Roadtripping in Spain has been beautifully captured in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Hritik Farhaan and Abhay embrace adventure in the form of scuba diving, sky diving and San Fermin Pamplona (running of the bulls) making the audience jealous and wishing they were in their place.The La Tomitina festival and rekindling of old friendships and stirring up new love made this film hugely popular with people.

3. Highway
Let’s take a moment to bow down to Aalia Bhatt for her splendid performance in Highway. The subtext of her emotions and the overwhelming feelings of being amidst nature mixed with love for distant places has been reproduced bang on by Imtiaz Ali. The film shows that the road can lead you wherever you want to be, from sandy deserts to the snow covered mountain tops.

4. Queen
Kangna Ranaut’s character in the film Queen encapsulated the journey of a middle class girl left at the alter venturing out into the big bad world all by herself and creating new memories and adventures across the ocean. The audience at some point in the movie must have wished they too were dancing in the bars in France and living life on the edge, in Amsterdam.

5. Jab We Met
Jab We Met was one movie that was more about the journey. The chemistry shared onscreen between Geet and Aditya played by Kareena and Shahid set the screen ablaze with the perfect comic timing. From unfamiliar places like Ratlam to the hues of Kota to the Punjab ke khet in Bhatinda and not to forget the stunning Shimla all added to the travel quotient in this movie.

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6. Chalo Dilli
Vinay Patak and Lara Dutta form a wonderful pair as their opposite personalities in the movie share space on-screen. The movie shows how events change when people who are poles apart travel together. The audience finds its intriguing to see a Chandni Chowk bloke traveling along the an elite damsel in distress.

7. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Rumor has it that Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani made Manali the most travelled place on people’s itenary! As we went through the ups and downs of Naina and Bunny, the beauty of Gulmarg and the palaces of Udaipur never went unnoticed. All these stunning locations deem to be given priority amongst your travel plans.

8. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Everyone’s favourite DDLJ till date never fails to instill the urge to pack your bags and only hope to find your “Raj”.This movie showed it all, train rides, bus rides and driving around Switzerland. The duo of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol romancing in Europe is obviously what every Bollywood fan totally digs. The reenactment of the “palat” scene from the movie has been done by practically. So this cliché is evergreen and makes every Indian want to go abroad!
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