Eid Mubarak: #Great8 Mutton Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

<i>Eid Mubarak</i>: #Great8 Mutton Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

The festival of Bakr Eid or Eid al-Adha is the best time to enjoy delicious, aromatic preparations of meat. So let the mutton lover in you take over the kitchen this Eid and rustle up these exciting dishes.

1. Hara Masala Chops
Mutton chops freshly marinated in a green paste consisting of special herbs and desi spices – sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

2. Mutton with Okra Curry
This unique dish is prepared with Okra cooked along with curd, spices and a hint of tamarind.

3. Mutton Yakhni
Let the flavours of Kashmir come alive in this special recipe of tender mutton chunks simmered in curd and brewed in a stock of cardamom, aniseed powder and ginger powder.

4. Mutton Masala
Take time to check out this traditional, yet amazing recipe of mutton masala that can never go wrong.

5. Mutton Rogan Josh
Experience a taste of sheer excellence with the classic Mutton Rogan Josh – the go-to dish for everyone who loves the zing of traditional Indian spices infused in chunks of mutton.

6. Gosht Awadhi Korma
Taste the wonders of Awadhi cuisine with Gosht Awadhi Korma. Pieces of mutton cooked in a gravy of spices, curd, khara masala and tomato puree – an absolute delight for the palate!

7. Mutton Kofta
Koftas made from minced meat, egg, ground chana and coriander leaves, then cooked with yogurt and flavoured with spices – lip-smacking good!

8. Banjara Gosht
As the name suggests, Banjara Gosht is a special recipe that originated with the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan. It’s a spicy preparation of meat cooked alongside onions, curd, spices and red chilies that will leave you asking for more.
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